National PTA Week Founders Day Celebration 2021

February 14 -21, 2021

Happy Birthday PTA! May you live forever and strong!
Take time to reflect & celebrate our accomplishments and renew our commitment to be a powerful
voice for all children, a relevant resource for parents, and a strong advocate for public education.
This year National PTA Philippines suggested that Founders Day should always be observed as a
significant anniversary by the Congress and everyone concerned with the needs of children and youth.
By honoring the Founders Day it will allow National PTA to ensure ever stronger
and more effective local, regional, and national parent teacher action for children.
National Founders Day shall be observed by National PTA starting this year to raise awareness of PTA achievements.
Many PTA Units and Councils hold yearly celebrations in observance of this day to honor all of the outstanding accomplishments and milestones that PTA has reached. It is an opportunity to examine current concerns and set future goals. With everyone’s help we will continue to go forth and make the lives of our
nation’s children better by working on legislation and advocacy to promote the health and welfare of
our youth.